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San Diego fatal work accident lawyers

Fatal Work Accident Lawyers in Southern California

When a loved one leaves for work, you never it expect that will be the last time you see them. Learning that a family member has died suddenly in a work accident is shocking and devastating. Absorbing the blow and dealing with the immediate aftermath can be overwhelming, and few people will consider their legal options right away. In the weeks and months that follow, understanding what happened and who is to blame for your loved one’s wrongful death accident becomes more important.

At the law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we sympathize with the horror of losing someone you love seemingly out of the blue. We understand that no one can fully compensate you for your loss, but our San Diego wrongful death attorneys can help you uncover the answers you crave and hold those who are responsible accountable for their negligence.

Compensation for Fatal Work Accidents in California

Like all states, California has workers’ compensation laws that prevent workers from suing their employers. This limitation extends to the worker’s family if the worker died while at work. Worker’s families are, however, entitled to death benefits through the employer’s workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation death benefits do not always provide for the full needs of a surviving family.

In many work accidents, there are multiple parties to blame, and a personal injury claim against another liable party (other than your employer) can provide additional recovery. For example, many work accidents occur on construction sites. If a worker dies in a construction site accident, the family will probably not be able to sue the worker’s employer. If the accident was caused by a subcontractor or another party that does not work for your employer, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against that party. Personal injury settlements and judgments typically allow for a greater level of compensation.

If your loved one was killed in a work accident, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Our San Diego wrongful death attorneys will explain how the workers’ compensation laws and personal injury laws apply to your case and present our recommendations for how to proceed. We have offices in San Diego and Riverside, and we provide flexible consultation appointment scheduling.

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