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Improper Cleanup and Maintenance Accidents

Most construction sites operate on a strict deadline for completion. In an effort to finish quickly and maximize profits, foremen and contractors often cut corners. This can translate into failing to properly clean up the job site and maintain tools and equipment. While cleanup and maintenance my not seem that important in the moment, a failure in either of these important tasks can cause a serious accident. At Martinez & Schill LLP, we are experienced San Diego construction accident lawyers. We assist injured workers in filing third party action lawsuits, and we fight aggressively to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.

Accidents Caused by Improper Cleanup

There are numerous hazards on a construction site at any given time. When those hazard are not properly stowed or cleaned up, they can cause serious injury accidents. For example, accidents can happen when:

  • Construction debris is left on the job site. This can cause a trip-and-fall accident or a falling object accident.
  • Hazardous chemicals are left out. These can cause serious construction burns.
  • Tools are left scatter around. This can cause a trip-and-fall accident or a falling object accident.

When anything is left on a roof or a stairwell, the hazard is multiplied. Contractors have a duty to maintain a safe work environment, and when hazards are not properly cleaned up, that is negligence.

Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance

There are many different types of tools and equipment that are used on construction sites. These tools and equipment require regular maintenance and repair when necessary. Serious injuries and even fatalities can occur when this does not happen. Both heavy duty equipment and power tools can do a lot of damage when they malfunction due to improper maintenance. Our attorneys are skilled in handling cases involving machinery accidents.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by improper cleanup and maintenance, contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experience construction accident attorney. We will discuss the specifics of your case and give you a realistic assessment of what you can expect from the legal system. Our offices are located in San Diego and Riverside, and we have scheduling flexible hours. If your injury makes traveling to us impossible, our San Diego construction accident lawyers will come to you.

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