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Handling Injuries On Dangerous Roads And Freeways In California

All motorists have the right to drive on safe public roads. If you have had an accident that was caused by a dangerous road or freeway, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you have sustained. At Martinez & Schill LLP, we represent those who have been injured or who have lost loved ones due to accidents on dangerous or poorly planned roads, highways or streets. Our San Diego car accident lawyers will carefully investigate the incident and fight aggressively to hold all responsible parties liable.

Dangerous Roads And Highways In Southern California

Southern California has some of the most traveled roads in the country. Whether you are driving an automobile, truck, motorcycle or bike, you have the right to expect that the public roads you travel are safe, free of dangerous impediments and well-maintained. In some places, however, they are not. When the road is not properly designed, marked or maintained, devastating and even fatal accidents can occur. Dangerous roads can occur in many areas and for many reasons, including:

  • Defects in the design of the road
  • Hazards due to poor road maintenance
  • Failure to mark hazards such as fallen rocks, icy bridges, etc.
  • Missing or obstructed signs (i.e., stop signs)
  • Confusing lane changes or closures in construction zones
  • Failure to consider weather conditions in road designs

Many of our tax dollars go toward constructing and maintaining public roads and freeways, and the government has a duty to ensure that those roads are safe to drive on. When that does not happen and you are injured or someone you loved is killed as a result, you can file a claim against the government. Our attorneys are skilled in handling claims against the government. As practiced negotiators and litigators, they effectively advocate for our clients’ rights in and out of court.

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