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San Diego Rollover Accident Attorneys

Rollover accidents are some of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents. Even if a car only rolls over once, it can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Many rollover accidents are caused because of a defect in the design or operation of the vehicle. Our San Diego car accident attorneys at Martinez & Schill LLP are experienced in handling personal injury cases involving all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving rollovers. We take all necessary steps to find out what caused your accident and work to obtain maximum compensation. We are skilled in both negotiating with insurance companies and litigating personal injury cases.

Rollover Accidents And Manufacturer Liability

While some rollover accidents occur subsequently to other accidents or due to a vehicle driving off the road surface, many are the result of defective vehicles. SUVs are particularly vulnerable to rollover accidents, as they have higher centers of gravity compared to passenger vehicles. Some car and SUV manufacturers are aware of the dangers that their vehicles pose but do not share that information with their customers. When these manufacturers fail to warn consumers about rollover hazards, they can be held liable for the accidents when they occur.

Dangerous roads and poor driving conditions can also cause rollover accidents. When this is the cause of your accident, those responsible for the design and maintenance of the roadway can be held responsible. Our attorneys will work to discover the cause of your accident and determine whether you can effectively file suit against your vehicle’s manufacturer, a reckless driver or any other liable party. We only take personal injury cases on contingency, so you will not be charged our fee until we win your case for you.

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