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Incidents Involving Falling Objects And Debris In California

The hazards posed by falling objects and debris on a construction site cannot be overestimated. When construction equipment, tools, supplies, debris and other objects fall from elevated heights, they can cause serious injuries and even wrongful death. The San Diego construction accident attorneys at Martinez & Schill LLP are experienced in handling all types of construction accident injury cases, including those involving falling objects and debris. We aggressively represent the interests of our clients both in and out of court.

Falling Object Construction Accidents In San Diego

Gravity is often the enemy on construction sites, and even hard hats have their limitations. When an object falls onto a construction worker, it is likely that the worker is going to be hurt or possibly killed. There are many different types of construction accidents that involve falling objects, and the resulting injuries can range greatly in severity. Some of the most serious accidents involve:

  • Objects falling from cranes
  • Objects falling from roofs
  • Objects falling through unguarded openings
  • Objects falling through elevator shafts
  • Falling objects during demolition

These types of accidents are often the results of unsafe work environments. When a construction site is not properly cleaned up, debris from upper levels can fall on workers working below. When objects fall from a piece of machinery such as a crane, however, the cause is often operator error. Whether it is the crane operator, a signal person or a supervisor, when someone makes a mistake while transporting heavy objects overhead, the consequences can be disastrous. Our attorneys will work hard to identify the cause of your accident and ensure that all liable parties are held accountable.

Find Out What Your Legal Options Are

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