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Aggressive California Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

When motorcyclists are involved in accidents with automobiles, they often obtain serious injuries, and fatalities are not uncommon. Without the protection of enclosed vehicles, motorcyclists are very vulnerable in collisions with cars or trucks. Even in California, where there is a mandatory helmet law, motorcycle accidents that result in serious injury or death are frequent occurrences. At Martinez & Schill LLP, our San Diego lawyers help victims of motorcycle accidents obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In California

There are many different causes of motorcycle accidents. In many cases, a collision with a motorcycle occurs when a driver in a car or truck fails to see the motorcycle. This can happen due to poor weather conditions, distracted driving, driving while intoxicated or failure to check blind spots. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur when drivers do not see motorcycles while making left-hand turns. In most cases, the turning vehicle is at fault for causing the accident.

California is the only state in which lane-splitting, or driving in between rows of stopped or slow-moving cars, is legal. Even though it is legal, it can still be dangerous to a motorcycle operator. Liability in an accident involving lane-splitting is very subjective and can be based on the opinions of police officers and judges. Our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers have the knowledge of California law and the experience necessary to effectively advocate for our clients’ rights in cases involving lane-splitting.

In order to obtain maximum compensation in a motorcycle accident case, it is important to always prepare for trial. We are able to successfully settle most motor vehicle accident cases, but we are always prepared to argue on behalf of our clients before judges and juries.

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