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Assisting Victims Of Commercial Accidents In Southern California

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial vehicle, any subsequent legal proceedings take on an added level of complication. Determining liability in these cases can be challenging and complex. At Martinez & Schill LLP, our San Diego commercial accident attorneys are experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including those involving commercial vehicles. We know how to carefully investigate these collisions and assess fault. Our primary goal is always to obtain maximum compensation for our clients, and we pursue all possible avenues toward that goal.

Who Is Liable In Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

California is a commerce-rich state, and its roads and highways are filled with commercial vehicles both day and night. These vehicles are often involved in serious accidents. Commercial vehicle accidents can have numerous causes including:

  • Driver error: Many commercial drivers rush to get their jobs done and may speed or drive recklessly in the process. Additionally, some drivers may pull long hours on the road and experience fatigue. Other accidents are caused by inadequate training or supervision. Depending on the circumstances, the driver and/or the driver’s employer may be liable.
  • Vehicle malfunction: If motor vehicle defects, such as brake failure, caused the accident, the vehicle’s manufacturer – or whoever is responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance – may be liable.
  • Dangerous roads and highways: When an accident occurs because the road was poorly designed or maintained, the government may be at fault.

Car accident cases involving commercial vehicles require experienced legal representation. Large companies have the resources to aggressively fight legal claims against them. Our San Diego accident attorneys will also fight aggressively for your rights and interests. Whether you were the driver, a passenger or a pedestrian, we will help you recover all your financial damages as well as those for your pain and suffering.

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