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Motel, Resort And Hotel Injury Lawyers In California

When you book a room or a suite in a hotel, you have the right to stay in a safe and healthy environment. Whether they’re away on business or pleasure, hotel guests do not expect to be injured while traveling. Unfortunately, hotel accidents do occur and are often caused by hotel negligence. At the San Diego accident law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we are skilled in handling Riverside personal injury cases, including those involving hotel negligence. Our San Diego hotel injury attorneys aggressively pursue full compensation for our clients in both negotiation and litigation.

Southern California Hotel Accidents Caused By Negligence

Southern California is a tourist hub attracting hundreds of millions of people every year. Many of those tourists visit Southern California and the San Diego area. Consequently, we have hundreds of resort hotels in the region. While staying in any of these hotels, motels, resorts or spas, you could sustain a serious injury. There are many ways you can be injured on a hotel property, including:

Hotels have a duty to properly maintain their properties and repair anything that might be hazardous to their guests. Before repairs can be made, they also have a responsibility to properly notify guests of hazards with temporary signs or other means. When they fail to do so, they can and should be held liable. Additionally, hotels must provide a secure environment to prevent criminal harm to their guests, particularly when such harm is foreseeable to the hotel. If you are attacked while visiting or staying at a hotel, the hotel can possibly be held responsible for not safeguarding your safety. You should contact a San Diego premises liability attorney to evaluate the potential liability of the hotel.

Most hotels and hotel chains have the resources to aggressively defend themselves against legal challenges, and you need an experienced San Diego hotel accident attorney with the skill and experience to fight fire with fire. Our attorneys are always prepared to vigorously represent our clients in both settlement negotiations and the courtroom. We are committed to obtaining maximum compensation for our injured clients.

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