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At Martinez & Schill, our Riverside dog bite lawyers know that dogs are a big part of our California residents’ lives and that the unpredictable nature of their training varies from owner to owner.

Unfortunately, no matter how well behaved a dog may be when its owner is near, its temperament can change quickly, and an attack can ensue without notice.

Dog bite victims and their injuries also vary, based on their size, the type of dog that bit them, and the length of the attack. And while children and the elderly are most vulnerable to dog bites, anyone can be bitten, anywhere, no matter who owns the dog.

If you have been bitten by a dog, even if it belonged to a neighbor, friend, or family member, our Riverside personal injury attorneys can help you pursue the financial recovery you need to fully heal from their insurance coverage, so your relationship is not damaged by your claim.

Learn more about your legal options to hold the dog’s owner liable for your injuries by scheduling a free consultation with our skilled dog bite attorneys in Riverside today.

What is California’s Dog Bite Statute and How is it Enforced?

Our California Dog Bite Statute states that when a person is bit while lawfully in a private place, including the dog owner’s home or property, or in a public space and they suffered the damages caused by their dog’s bite, they may pursue damages from the dog’s owner.

California is a strict liability state, which means it does not allow the owner to avoid liability for a dog bite by simply claiming that he or she did not know the dog would act aggressively.

Dog bite victims in California DO NOT have to prove the owner failed to use reasonable care to prevent the bite, or even that they knew the dog would bite to pursue a claim against the owner, who is directly liable for all damages that occurred.

Nearly 75% of all dog bites that occur throughout the country are caused by a known dog, which can make injurious circumstances even more complex, as most people are not interested in pursuing someone they know and love for financial recovery.

Contact our skilled dog bite attorneys in Riverside today to learn how we can remove both you and the dog owner from the equation as we negotiate directly with their insurance company to pursue the financial recovery you need to fully heal.

What are the Most Common Types of California Dog Bite Injuries?

One in five dog bite victims will require medical care for their injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Some of the most common dog bite injuries that are treated in emergency rooms across the nation include:

  • Infections, including tetanus, MRSA, and rabies
  • Pierced or ripped skin
  • Torn muscles or ligaments
  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Puncture wounds
  • Face and neck injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Proving the facts of your California dog bite case will allow us to pursue the dog’s owner for the financial recovery you are entitled to fully heal. Contact our dedicated dog bite attorneys in Riverside today to learn more about your legal rights and options during a free consultation.

What Type of Financial Compensation Can I Pursue After Suffering Dog Bite Injuries in California?

At Martinez & Schill, our dog bite lawyers in Riverside will outline your complete injury needs, so we can pursue the best outcome for your unique personal injury case.

That may include financial recovery for your:

  • Complete medical expenses, including future care needs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent impairment

Our dedicated dog bite lawyers in Riverside will account for each of your financial recovery needs during our negotiations with the insurance company, so no detail is left to chance during your claim.

In addition to dog bite injury claims, our Riverside personal injury lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases, including:

Contact Our Experienced Riverside Dog Bite Lawyers at Martinez & Schill LLP

At Martinez & Schill LLP, our seasoned Riverside dog bite attorneys understand complicated state law and use that knowledge to benefit injured victims. Contact us for a consultation and discuss your claim with a knowledgeable lawyer. We will fight for the compensation you need and deserve and will put your legal goals first.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your dog bite injury case, contact us at 951-200-4630 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your legal rights. One of our experienced Riverside construction accident lawyers will meet with you to answer your questions and assess the prospects of your case.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Riverside Dog Bite Attorneys

Why Would the Insurance Company Offer a Settlement that is Lower than My Complete Financial Recovery Needs?

If you have been bitten by a dog in California, the homeowner’s policy, business policy, or general liability coverage representative will contact you immediately to mitigate the company’s losses, which typically means offering a lesser settlement than you need to heal.

The reality is, until your injuries fully heal, you will not know the extent of the financial damages you have suffered. That is why it is important to speak with a skilled dog bite attorney in Riverside, so we can outline your complete financial needs, and take the insurance company on for you.

What Should I Do if the Dog’s Owner Wants to Discuss My Injuries?

Since the overwhelming number of dog bites that occur throughout the U.S. each year are caused by a known dog, chances are you may know the dog that bit you, which also means you may have a personal relationship with the dog’s owner.

If he or she wants to talk about your injuries, or how you are pursuing financial recovery from their insurance provider, we recommend that you not discuss your injuries or medical treatment with anyone except an experienced injury attorney, and never sign any paperwork supplied by the dog’s owner, no matter how well you know him or her. We will handle your case from here, and will make that known to the insurance company, so they do not contact you going forward.

What is the Average Settlement for a California Dog Bite Case?

Dog bite injuries and each of our client’s overall settlement needs vary widely. While there is no magic number, or a common settlement amount, our skilled dog bite attorneys in Riverside will calculate your complete financial recovery needs, so you move forward with confidence as we negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

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