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San Diego Electrocution and Explosion Accident Lawyers

San Diego electrocution and explosion accident attorney

Electrocutions and Explosions on California Construction Sites

Construction sites have many dangerous hazards that can lead to serious accidents. While electrocution and explosion hazards are not as common as some other construction hazards, they can be deadly or cause very serious injuries. At the construction accident law office of Martinez & Schill LLP, we are experienced in representing clients who have been injured in all types of construction site accidents including electrocution and explosion accidents. Our San Diego, CA construction accident lawyers are dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for our clients, and we work tirelessly towards that objective.

Electrocution Accidents

Electrocutions on construction sites typically occur due to contact with live electrical wiring that has not been grounded. They can also occur due to faulty equipment, particularly defective heavy duty equipment. These accidents are completely avoidable and should not occur in a safe work environment. An electrocution can cause serious external burns and can also cause serious internal damage to organs and tissue. Some electrocutions are fatal. When dealing with a serious accident such as an electrocution, having an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you is essential.

Injuries from Construction Site Explosions

Explosions on a construction site are always a real hazard as there are numerous possible causes for these devastating accidents including:

  • Faulty electrical wiring;
  • Gas leaks;
  • Defective heavy duty equipment; and
  • Flammable materials.

Those who are injured in an explosion will often face a long road to recovery. You may have burns, traumatic head injury, broken bones from the blast, and a host of other injuries. Our San Diego, CA construction accident lawyers understand how devastating it is to deal with an injury from an explosion, and we work with you to help you get full compensation for your past and future medical needs.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an electrocution or explosion accident, contact Martinez & Schill LLP to schedule a free consultation. Call 619-512-5995. We will meet with you immediately to discuss your case and strategize for how to move forward towards a successful resolution. We have offices in San Diego and Riverside and offer flexible scheduling. If you are unable to travel due to your injury, we are also available to come to you. We work with clients throughout Southern California.

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