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California Construction and Industrial Accident Compensation

Martinez & Schill LLP offers its clients incisive legal strategies after they have been injured in an industrial, construction accident or other workplace accident. “Industrial accidents” are not restricted to professions that are commonly known to be dangerous such as mining, oil rigging or manufacturing. Industrial accidents can take place in any line of work, although employees are especially at risk in environments involving drilling machines, unsafe or faulty ladders, earthmovers, forklifts, power tools, scaffolding, and other heavy industrial equipment.

While all California employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance, worker’s compensation may not be the only recourse for workers injured on the job or construction site. In California, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages in any industrial or construction accident in which a third party or a contracted party shoulders some responsibility for the injury. Such situations often involve negligence on the part of others: for example, faulty or defective equipment or improper maintenance carried out by an outside vendor. Any situation in which the negligence is caused by a third party, not with you or your employer, qualifies as a California industrial or construction accident. When the injured worker is working as or for a subcontractor, liability can also extend upwards to the general contractor, or to other subcontractors working at the same construction site.

Although California industrial and construction accidents are occasionally caused by employer negligence, in many circumstances liability can also be attributed to equipment manufacturers, vendors, or other third parties. Determining where liability rests, and the best way to allocate responsibility is one of the most important tasks a San Diego industrial accidents attorney can perform on behalf of clients.

Contact a San Diego Industrial Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an industrial or construction accident, the Martinez & Schill team will work together in a cohesive manner as we begin to build your case. We keep you informed every step of the way and of course, we are available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you might have. This team effort could eventually include testimony from any medical professionals who treated your industrial or construction accident injury as well as other workers who might have witnessed the accident. In our role as your legal advocate, we work hard in helping you put the pieces of your life back together while securing a fair settlement after a construction site accident or workplace injury. The economic loss following these types of traumatic events can affect your quality of life if measures are not taken soon after an accident.

Whether it is a trucking accident while you were carrying out your job responsibilities, a burn injury sustained on the job, a fall accident, or an injury you sustained while working in an unsafe working environment, you are assured of a team of attorneys who know the laws in California, the regulations and limitations of those laws.

Ready for a straightforward, honest, and transparent full-service law firm? We will schedule a complimentary consultation and we will come to you if that’s more convenient. Give our San Diego industrial accidents attorneys a call today at 619-512-5995 or 951-200-4630 to discuss your industrial accident injury. You can also contact us online.

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