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San Diego Freeway Accident Lawyers

San Diego, CA freeway car accident lawyer

California Highway Accident Attorneys

Accidents that occur on a highway or freeway often result in grave injuries or death to drivers and passengers. The speed of traffic contributes to the severity of the accident and the devastation that can result. Additionally, highway and interstate accidents often involve multiple vehicles, which can greatly complicate an accident case. The San Diego motor vehicle accident attorneys at Martinez & Schill LLP are experience in handling complicated motor vehicle accident cases. We carefully investigate all of our cases to determine who is at fault so that we can aggressively pursue compensation for our clients.

California Highway and Freeway Accidents

The highway and interstate systems in California are some of the busiest in the nation. Consequently, they see more than their share of accidents. Whether an accident is caused by speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, dangerous roadways, poor driving conditions, or any other reason, having an experienced attorney on your side is essential. Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing, and without an attorney you could easily accept a settlement offer for far less than your injury is worth. We will not let that happen. We represent our clients’ interest rigorously and make sure that you are fully compensated for your injury or loss.

Freeway Accidents Involving Trucks

Trucks are ever present on California freeways. When a semi-truck or tractor-trailer is involved in an accident on a freeway, the injuries sustained by those in the motor vehicle are often grave. The weight of a semi-truck makes it more dangerous in a collision with a car or SUV. Because of their massive size, semi-trucks are less maneuverable and they require more stopping time. Additionally, trucks have huge blind spots and often cannot see smaller cars as they pass. Regardless of the cause, our attorneys always are prepared to assist you.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident on a highway or interstate, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Our experienced San Diego motor vehicle accident attorneys will meet with you and assess the specifics of your case. From our offices in San Diego and Riverside we work with car accident clients throughout Southern California. We handle our accident cases on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay until we win your case. Call 619-512-5995 today.

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