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Excavation Injuries On Construction Sites In California

An excavation site is dangerous for many reasons. The equipment used to excavate is typically massive in scale and capable of causing significant injuries. Additionally, numerous hazards are created when ground and rock become unstable due to excavation. At the San Diego construction accident law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we represent clients who have been injured or who have lost family members in an excavation accident. We know how to discover the cause of an accident and hold all liable parties accountable financially.

Excavation Injuries In California

Excavation is an essential part of the construction process in California and throughout the country. A construction site is excavated to install support structures, dig or access utility line trenches, create basements or foundations, flatten surfaces and serve many other purposes. The greatest danger an excavation poses is from cave-ins. When the ground is destabilized and not properly braced, an excavation can easily collapse crushing workers in the process. Resulting injuries can include those involving:

  • The brain
  • The spinal cord
  • The back
  • Broken bones

These accidents can also result in wrongful deaths, whether from the blunt force trauma of the collapse or from being trapped beneath the surface.

Additionally, workers can be injured in falls from excavation equipment, malfunctions with the machinery and falling loads of debris. Identifying the cause(s) of the accident is essential to establishing who is responsible and who can and should be held financially accountable. We are skilled in investigating construction accidents and using the services of construction professionals when necessary to determine liability. We strive to make sure that our clients obtain financial compensation from all liable entities.

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