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Day Care Accident Lawyers In Southern California

When parents with young children work outside the home, they often have to leave their children in day care. Most day care facilities are safe and loving environments in which children can learn and thrive. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Accidents in day care can and do occur, and often, they are the results of the negligence of day care providers. At the San Diego personal injury law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we take all injury accidents seriously, particularly those involving children. We vigorously pursue compensation for our clients and seek to hold all liable parties responsible to the greatest extent possible.

Injuries From Day Care Accidents In California

In California, day care providers that care for children from more than one family not related to them must be licensed by the Child Care Licensing division of the California Department of Social Services. Whether child care is provide in a home-based business or a dedicated child care facility, the state has numerous regulations related to the health and safety of infants and small children. When a child is injured in the day care, we immediately look to see if the day care was following all regulations prescribed by the state.

Most accidents that cause injuries to children in day care are caused by either unsafe conditions or the lack of supervision. Children also sustain serious injuries as the results of deliberate actions by day care providers, staff and other people permitted on the property. Whether your child’s injuries were caused by negligence or intentional wrongdoing, your child is entitled to financial compensation. Injuries in childhood can have lasting physical and psychological effects, and many require extensive treatment. We will aggressively pursue maximum compensation for your child and your family to help you through this difficult time.

Hold Those Responsible For Your Child’s Injuries Accountable

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