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What To Know When Filing a Hotel Injury Lawsuit

| May 26, 2019 | Premises Liability

Hotel injuries are a common occurrence across the state. Southern California itself is a popular tourist attraction, with millions of people traveling into the state each year. Although the majority of large hotel chains implement good maintenance practices and have good management, hotel accidents can happen at any time. When the accident is caused by hotel negligence, the injuries suffered could lead to serious injuries or even death of the hotel guest.

There is a multitude of accidents that could occur within the boundaries of a hotel property. Some of the most common types of accidents are highlighted below:

Slip and fall accidents – many hotels across the state are constructed with tile floors or other types of slippery floor material. When any form of liquid is spilled on the floor, whether big or small, the spilt liquid can result in a dangerous hazard for any person walking around it.

Similarly, tripping hazards can result from the negligent placement of hotel furniture or fixtures placed in a walkway. This, along with inadequate lighting can cause a person to trip and fall on the hard surface.

Motor vehicle accidents within the premises – the majority of hotels across California have self-parking as well as valet parking options. Poor parking designs, among other conditions, can cause auto accidents that could cause injury to a pedestrian or damage to a vehicle.

Swimming area accidents – Pools require an immense amount of supervision and maintenance. Failure to adequately maintain a swimming pool area can cause serious injury or death of a hotel guest.

Violent assaults due to the lack of security – most hotels are located in popular areas, often surrounded by conference centers, restaurants, and other similar properties. When a hotel has poor lighting or does not have enough security, the probability for a violent attack arises.

Fitness room accidents – Improper management of a fitness room or other recreational area can cause serve injury to a guest. Some injuries can include spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, or severe head traumas.

Construction site accidents – For a majority of hotels, business continues as usual even if there is a major renovation project occurring within the premises. Construction sites are some of the most dangerous areas a person can be in and being overexposed to hazards causes a huge liability for hotels.

Seek the Support of an Attorney After a Hotel-Related Accident

Hotels in California have a duty to maintain a safe premises to all of its guests. When an accident happens in a hotel, the hotel could be held accountable for the injuries resulting from the accident.

The attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP have extensive skills and experience in handling hotel-related accidents in the State of California. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that an injured person receives the proper restitution after suffering at the hand of a negligent hotel business. If you have been injured while in a hotel in California, speak to a professional attorney as soon as possible.