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Causes of San Diego Commuter Highway and Freeway Accidents

| Apr 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In San Diego, the current average length of a person’s commute is 26 minutes, which is the longest average commuting time for the city in the past 10 years. This time spent commuting can be a nuisance, but the potential for highway or freeway accidents makes it dangerous as well. According to a recent study, San Diego’s I-5 and I-15 highways are among the 25 most deadly highways in the United States.

Why Highway Accidents Occur

Commuting, especially during rush hour, can be a dangerous activity, and even minor car accidents can result in serious injuries to drivers or passengers. Factors which contribute to commuter car crashes include:


The population of San Diego has grown significantly over time, resulting in more drivers taking to the road. But while the number of people living and working in San Diego has increased, public transportation has not kept up with the level of growth, which has led to crowded highways. San Diego roads become especially busy during rush hour, and the increased number of vehicles on the road and the unexpected changes in the speed of traffic make accidents more likely.


Drivers may try to save time on their commute by speeding, but this can backfire if their speeding causes an accident. If a driver is speeding, they will have less distance between their vehicle and another vehicle if they need to come to a stop, and they may end up hitting the other driver. A speeding driver also may have less time to react when merging lanes or making a turn, and they may be unable to avoid an accident. Crashes involving speeding can result in severe injuries, due to the increased momentum of vehicles traveling at high speeds.

Poorly Maintained Roads

A 2011 Federal Highway Administration survey found that San Diego ranked fourth in the United States for poor road conditions. Driving on roads with rough pavement, potholes, and road deterioration may result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in car damages. Drivers may decide to postpone costly repairs to their vehicles, increasing their odds of causing an accident. A driver may also struggle to maintain control of their vehicle when driving on rough roads, resulting in a crash. Out of the 33,000 traffic fatalities which occur every year in the United States, one third have been linked to poor road conditions.


After a long day at work or school, drivers may not give their full attention to driving. If a person is preoccupied with using their phone or doing other tasks such as applying makeup or eating, they are unable to react immediately to their changing driving conditions, and they may lose control of their vehicle, causing a deadly accident.

Compensation for Your Injuries

Injuries resulting from an accident on a highway or freeway can impact a person both physically and financially. If you or a passenger in your vehicle have been injured in an accident on a highway or freeway, call our San Diego personal injury lawyers right away at <a href=”tel:619-512-5995“>619-512-5995. The lawyers at Martinez & Schill, LLP are ready to answer any of your legal questions and help you get back on the road to recovery.


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