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Quick Facts on Dog Bites

| Jul 10, 2015 | Dog Bites

According to statistics from American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), dogs bite more than 4.5 million Americans each year. Out of these 4.5 million bites, nearly one million Americans end up requiring medical treatment for the bite and almost half of those requiring medical treatment are children. Children and Senior Citizens make up the two highest risk groups to be most severely injured by a dog bite.

The AVMA further analyzed the costs of dog bites. In 2013, the total costs for all dog bites were $483 million. Dog bites themselves accounted for 33% of all homeowners’ insurance claims and the average cost of the reconstructive surgery as a result of a dog bite was $27,000.

Particular kinds of breeds are more prone to biting people and inflicting bites which result in significant injuries. Researchers working for Animals 24-7, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization, have found that a combination of certain breeds in the Molosser category accounts for a large percentage of bites, including bites on children, bites resulting in serious injury and bites resulting in fatalities.  In the study, researchers analyzed accounts of dog attacks in both Canada and the United States from 1982-2014. They purposefully did not include police dogs, guard dogs, and dogs that were trained specifically to fight. Some of their research findings include:

  • The top 5 breeds involved in attacks that result in bodily harm were: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Pit Bull-Mix, German shepherd, and Bullmastiff.
  • The top 5 breeds involved in attacks on children: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Pit Bull-Mix, Wolf Hybrid, and German shepherd
  • The top 5 breeds involved in maimings (seriously bodily harm) were: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Pit Bull-Mix, German shepherd, and Bullmastiff.
  • The top 5 breeds involved in attacks resulting in death were: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Husky, Wolf Hybrid, and Bullmastiff

One of the more interesting findings of the report was the fact that 9.2% of the dog population accounts for 86% of the attacks which induced bodily harm. Also, 9.2 % of the dog population accounts for 89% of the attacks on adults and 81% of the attacks on children.

Pit Bulls were found to be the leading dog in every measurable category.

If you have been injured by a dog bite or an animal attack,  the owner of the dog is responsible. You are entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering or loss of a family member who was killed.  You can also prevent the dog from ever biting another person.

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