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Defective Product Attorneys in Southern California

If you have been injured or suffered other damages because of a product you used, you may have a defective product liability claim. In their efforts to improve their profitability, companies sometimes cut corners in the design, production, and distribution of their products. This can affect the safety of the products they sell which are ultimately placed into the stream of commerce for consumer use. Recalls cannot be relied upon to discover all unsafe or defective products. Injuries and deaths are common consequences of using unsafe products and our San Diego product liability lawyers can help you recover fair compensation for your injuries.

If a product is damaged or unsafe, there may be a number of parties who are potentially liable. This might include the manufacturer of the overall product or a manufacturer of a component part used in the assembly of the product. Distributors and retailers can also be held liable for selling dangerous or unsafe products that cause injury to the end-user.

At times, there may be inherent defects that result in physical harm to whoever used that product. Usually, we assume these types of products are tangible, meaning we can hold them, see them, and touch them. The fact is, there’s much more to products liability in the legal sense. Products liability can encompass not only material objects, but can also include intangibles such as gas, pets, or other living things, real estate such as consumer or personal properties, and more recently, cyber liability.

The basis for Product Liability in California

Claims may be based on a number of factors, including:

  • Breach of Warranty
  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability

The laws governing products liability vary from state to state. California laws are specific and definitive. There are three types of product defect claims for which manufacturers and suppliers may be held liable. Those include defective manufacture, defective design, and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions concerning the proper use of the product. It is important an experienced products liability lawyer guide you in seeking compensation or forcing a manufacturer or service provider to change its policies so that no one else is harmed in the future.

Cyber Liability

There’s a new dynamic that’s working its way through the legal sector in this country. Some of the most troubling risks in our modern society are found in the cyber industry. The vulnerabilities are staggering and the breaking news that yet another company has breached and infiltrated data walls and left its customers’ banking and other personal information exposed grows every day. There’s a growing trend in this “new economy” that the lack of prudent protective mechanisms is being argued in a legal setting.

This is especially important since we are spending more of our lives in a digital reality. We have our responsibility to ourselves and our families to ensure we have every protective mechanism in place; but when the company is unable to maintain its responsibility, it could be held liable.

This is certainly a new aspect of the law, but you can be sure our team of experienced San Diego product liability attorneys is not only witnessing the evolvement, but we’re also doing our part in contributing, in any way we can, to any new laws so that they are written thoughtfully, ethically and with the proper protections. Cyber liability simply shoulders the growing risks associated with products liability in a digital world. Consider how much is now stored online:

  • Medical Records
  • Banking Information
  • Personal Information Collected by Social Media
  • Telephone Records

We invite you to contact our San Diego defective product lawyers today to discuss what your options might be and how we can help protect your rights. Contact Martinez & Schill LLP today for a free consultation at our Riverside or San Diego offices. We will also travel to you in the event of a serious injury. Call 619-512-5995 or 951-200-4630.

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