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San Diego, CA Homeowners Associations Construction Defect Attorneys

San Diego homeowners association construction defect lawyers

Homeowners Associations with Defective Construction Materials Claims Lawyers

When multi-unit buildings are first constructed, the builder or developer is typically in control of the homeowners association and may remain in control for several years. When most or all of the units are completed, residents will usually take over ownership of the association. It is not uncommon for residents to discover construction defects that have not been repaired by the builder upon assuming ownership of the association, as many builders seek to limit building and repair costs to maximize profits and move on to another project. At the law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we help homeowners associations get construction defects fixed. Our San Diego construction defect attorneys hold builders and contractors accountable for defects in their work.

Representing Homeowners Associations in Construction Defect Litigation in California

Serious construction problems with condominiums and townhouses can be costly to repair, quickly draining the coffers of a homeowners association’s reserve fund. if reserve funds are not available or sufficient, residents may be required to pay additional monthly dues or a special assessment. When the defects are the result of poor workmanship, defective naterials, defective design, or structural defects the builder, contractor, or developer should be liable for the repairs. Repairing the matters properly is very important, however. HOAs must be careful not to allow builders to make a temporary fix that will fail soon in the future and could cause additional problems.

Our attorneys will assist you in obtaining repair recommendations and estimates from experienced and qualified construction experts, including structural engineers when necessary. Our San Diego construction defect attorneys will help you present these expert findings to your builder or developer and work out a way to resolve the problem. While our attorneys are skilled litigators, we recognize that the fastest and most cost-effective way to resolve a construction defect dispute is through negotiation. We are committed to helping HOAs successfully resolve these matters as efficiently as possible.

If your homeowners association is involved in a construction defect dispute with a builder, developer, or contractor, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. One of our experienced construction law attorneys will evaluate your case and recommend a course of action to successfully resolve the matter. From our San Diego office, we work with homeowners associations for buildings and developments throughout Southern California.

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