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San Diego Defective Materials Attorneys

San Diego defective materials lawyers

Defective Construction Materials Lawyers in Southern California

One way that builders and contractors increase their margins is by using less expensive construction materials. Using cheaper materials often translates into higher profits for the builder. Inexpensive materials may not perform as designed or may have inconsistencies that can compromise the quality of building, however. The San Diego construction defect attorneys of Martinez & Schill LLP assist property owners and homeowners associations with construction defect claims, including those arising from the use of defective materials.

Construction Defects Involving Defective Materials in California

When builders and contractors choose to use substandard construction materials, there can be numerous negative consequences. Some of the consequences may be aesthetic, while others may pose serious health and safety hazards. Substandard exterior siding, for example, may chip, crack, or peel making the exterior of a property appear unattractive. This is an expensive repair for which the homeowner should not be responsible. Likewise, a homeowner should not be responsible for the cost to remove and replace “Chinese drywall,” a potentially toxic drywall that was used in thousands of homes between 2002 and 2007. This drywall has been shown to cause numerous problems with electrical systems, as well as a variety of health problems for residents.

There are many different types of defective materials that are all too frequently used in construction projects. From defective windows and doors to defective roofing shingles or defective plumbing or HVAC systems, Our attorneys have the skill and experience to effectively advocate for your legal rights. We take a big picture view of construction defects and seek resolutions that will provide long-lasting solutions to the problem. We want our clients to walk away from the legal process with the peace of mind that their property is safe, healthy, and properly constructed.

If you or your homeowners association is dealing with a dispute over defective construction materials, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal rights. Our San Diego construction defect attorneys will answer your questions and discuss your legal options for obtaining the compensation you need for the necessary repairs. We have offices located in downtown San Diego and Riverside, and we work with clients throughout Southern California. Call us at 619-512-5995 or 951-200-4630 to speak with an experienced construction defect attorney.

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