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Was your child injured in a bicycle accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents

The majority of bicycle accidents involving children also involve motor vehicles. That’s why drivers who share the road with children must exercise extreme caution. Motorists should always be alert and pay close attention to children when driving through residential areas, parks, and school zones.

A bicycle accident involving your child can be a very scary event. If your child is hit by a vehicle while riding their bicycle, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath. 

What to do following the accident

These are the steps to take immediately following the accident.

  • First, call an ambulance. Assess your child for obvious injuries while you wait for the paramedics to arrive. Once they are on the scene allow them to take over. Do not resist them if they feel that your child needs to go to the hospital. Your child may have a serious concussion or internal injuries that require a doctor’s immediate care.
  • Call the police. You will need them to file an accident report in order to file an insurance claim. 
  • Photograph the scene with your phone. Document the details, such as the driver’s license plate number and speed limit postings. The bike should be left where it landed, and any other damage should be noted but not touched. 
  • Talk to the driver and obtain their license, insurance information and contact details.
  • Ask any witnesses to provide details to the police for the accident report. Make sure that you get their names and contact information in case you need them to testify on your child’s behalf at a later date.

After taking the above steps, consider seeking legal assistance to help you with your insurance claims.