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When could a slip-and-fall lead to a claim against a business?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2023 | Premises Liability

Slip-and-falls that occur in public places can lead to a variety of injuries. Sometimes, people just end up with a few bruises. However, people can very easily break bones or even suffer traumatic brain injuries when they cannot maintain their balance and end up falling. 

Even though people may have health insurance that could pay for their medical treatment costs, they may receive better coverage and more comprehensive reimbursement if they initiate a premises liability claim against the business where they fell. 

When could someone take action after a slip-and-fall in a business in California? 

People typically need to prove that the business was negligent

To pursue a successful slip-and-fall claim, the injured individual will usually need some evidence that the business was negligent. Such claims frequently relate either to property maintenance or staffing practices.

Negligent property maintenance can take on many forms, including:

  • failing to clean up spills 
  • not having rugs near main doors
  • unaddressed leaks
  • improperly securing power cords 
  • unsafe or missing handrails
  • poorly-maintained flooring

Different types of businesses and facility layouts can lead to a near-infinite number of possible slipping and tripping risks. If a reasonable person would recognize that the circumstances created elevated injury risk, then the person who is hurt could very well have the necessary grounds to make a negligence claim against the business. 

Most companies carry premises liability insurance that will help pay for someone’s medical care or cover their lost wages after they get hurt in a slip-and-fall. Holding a company accountable for slip and fall injuries can potentially compensate someone for their medical expenses and other losses.