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3 safety tips for those driving near semi-trucks or buses

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Large commercial vehicles like trucks or buses can be very efficient. A city bus, for example, can transport dozens of people to various destinations with far less fuel than it would take to power individual vehicles for each of those passengers. Semi-trucks can move huge amounts of merchandise and raw materials from one location to another very efficiently and quickly.

However, these vehicles also create a lot of risk to others because of their size. Most drivers feel a bit of fear when they must drive immediately next to a semi-truck or bus. Thankfully, those who follow the three commercial vehicle safety tips below can reduce their chances of a crash involving a commercial vehicle when they realize that they’re driving near one.

Avoid the vehicle’s blind spots

The longer, taller and wider a vehicle is, the bigger its blind spots will be. Typically, motorists and smaller vehicles will want to avoid driving directly to either side of the trailer of a semi-truck or a bus. They may also want to avoid driving directly behind it, as not only will the commercial driver have a hard time spotting them, but they may have a hard time seeing around the commercial vehicle.

Be careful when merging and passing

Commercial vehicles are several times heavier than the average passenger vehicle, which means they take longer to slow down or stop. Drivers may forget this fact when maneuvering in traffic and could cut too close in front of a bus or semi-truck. The commercial driver may not be able to stop in time, which could lead to a severe crash. Leaving more space when passing or merging in front of a commercial vehicle can reduce someone’s risk of a wreck.

Be aware of wide turns

When approaching an intersection where a bus or semi-truck has thoughts, motorists should stay farther back from the intersection to allow for a wider turn. Commercial vehicles often cross multiple lanes of traffic when turning and could end up in a crash when other motorists get too close to them at an intersection. Overall, it is generally advisable to give buses and semi-trucks.

Following thoughtful safety tips can help to protect someone by reducing their risk of a crash and by making it easier to hold a negligent commercial driver or their employer responsible if a crash does occur that isn’t the passenger driver’s fault.