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Does your car’s color make it more likely (or less likely) to be in a crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You probably consider a lot of safety factors when you start looking for a new car. What is the crash test rating? What is the curb weight and height of the vehicle? What types of safety technology come as standard, and what do you have to choose as additional options?

But one thing that people sometimes overlook is the color of the car itself. This can have an impact on your safety by reducing the odds that you will be involved in an accident in the first place. Safety technology like airbags or crumple zones can only help you if you are involved in a crash, but your car’s color can stop that from happening – or at least lower the odds.

White cars are marginally safer

There isn’t a dramatic difference between vehicles, but studies have found that white cars are slightly safer than other colors. This is especially true when compared to dark colors, such as black and gray. White simply stands out more, and greater visibility reduces the odds of an accident by about 12%.

Brightly colored cars can also be safer. There is a reason that firetrucks are often painted, bright red or, in the modern era, with high-visibility stripes. Motorcyclists will also often purchase high-vis helmets because of the way that the highlighter green stands out against the black pavement.

The reality is that many car accidents happen simply because one driver does not see another vehicle until they have caused a crash. While greater visibility can reduce the odds of an accident, nothing guarantees that another driver won’t make a mistake. Those who have been injured as a result need to know what legal options they have.