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Taking steps to decrease distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The prevalence of distracted driving on California highways, streets and even in private parking lots creates dangers to commuters, pedestrians, motorcyclists and others. Accidents may happen when a driver becomes involved in activities that take their attention from what’s necessary to operate a vehicle safely. New and comprehensive approaches to dealing with distracted driving might prevent collisions.

Preventing distracted driving

Distracted driving manifests in many ways, including well-known examples like texting or eating while driving. Distractions could also derive from allowing a pet to run free inside the car or conversing with someone in the passenger seat. Ultimately, when a driver allows attention to drift, it could become challenging to avoid an accident.

Ending all instances of distracted driving wouldn’t necessarily be possible, but steps could be taken to reduce it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a study that suggests a multifaceted approach might decrease distracted driving. Implementing stricter laws might prevent drivers from checking their phones or social media feeds while driving. Drivers worried about the inconvenience of getting pulled over and receiving a costly citation might drive more safely.

Unfortunately, many other drivers won’t alter their behavior even when laws become stricter. Studies show that 8% of all traffic fatalities result from distracted driving. Teen drivers may become prone to distracting behaviors as their lives could be heavily tech and social media influenced.

Limited reach

Even the best awareness campaigns won’t reach everyone who engages in distracted driving. Some motor vehicle accidents might happen when a generally safe driver makes a minor error in judgment. Regardless, the results could be catastrophic.

Distracted drivers may face lawsuits after causing an accident. In some situations, the victims may be eligible to receive compensation through an insurance settlement.