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Heavier electric vehicles raise concerns

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity with California motorists. As with all vehicles, people must follow all road rules when driving an EV. Commuters should become mindful of potential hazards and dangers associated with particular models. Electric vehicles carrying a lot of mass and weight could pose dangers on streets and highways.

Electric vehicles and weight

Concerns about the batteries inside electric vehicles presenting a fire hazard weigh on some consumers’ minds. They might not realize that the added weight a heavy battery contributes to the vehicle’s overall weight could create dangers to pedestrians and other commuters. Such an issue could become more pronounced with large electric-powered SUVs and pickup trucks.

Heavier vehicles can inflict more damage than lighter ones. When a 6,000 lb truck crashes into a subcompact car, the larger vehicle’s weight, mass and force could significantly damage the smaller vehicle and potentially harm its occupants. When a massive truck or SUV hits a bicyclist or pedestrian, catastrophic injuries might result.

Traditional fuel-powered pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles possess added dangers since their higher driver’s seats could create blind spots. A driver might have difficulty seeing pedestrians clearly when making turns, and the added weight could make stopping harder. With EV versions, these large vehicles become even heavier.

Accident causes

Both traditional and electric-powered vehicles rely on a driver to operate them. So, it is often the driver whose actions lead to motor vehicle accidents. An EV could hit another car because the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, committed a moving violation or suffered from self-inflicted distractions. Such things would likely point to negligence.

Any driver whose reckless actions caused harm to another person could face a civil suit. The compensation sought may be significant when the injuries are severe and life-altering.