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Truck accident complexities

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Truck Accidents

All motor vehicle collisions come with the potential for injuries. However, some crashes on California roads could be worse than others. When a big rig is involved, the potential for catastrophic injuries exists. Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks’ mass and weight could make such results possible. Additionally, claims against negligent truck drivers and other parties that might share responsibility could be complex.

Truck accident considerations

The size and weight of a truck contribute to special considerations with operating one. These vehicles require a longer distance to engage the brakes to stop, and drivers must be careful going up or down hills. Errors or distractions that hamper a driver’s performance might result in a collision.

Truck drivers could cause accidents because of many negligent behaviors ranging from distracted driving to intoxicated driving to committing moving violations. Drivers also must take mandatory breaks to avoid fatigued driving. A truck driver’s employer must log and enforce these breaks, or the employer could also be negligent if a crash occurs. This leads to another point: more than one party may be at fault for a truck collision. Mechanics, manufacturers and even other drivers might play a role in a crash. Litigation might become complicated when suing numerous parties.

Accident litigation

Lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents often focus on the presentation of evidence. With truck collisions, there could be both multiple victims and negligent parties. That may make the evidence collection and review process longer.

Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies could have enough liability insurance to settle a claim. However, insurance companies may attempt to settle for unreasonably low amounts. So, lengthier negotiations might become necessary to arrive at an agreeable figure.

Truck accidents have significant differences from collisions involving cars and SUVs. Victims may still explore their legal options to procure compensation.