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Defensive driving may save lives

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Defensive driving might be one of the essential skills anyone who commutes on California roads could learn. No one can control how another driver acts on streets and highways, but it is possible to control your actions when operating a vehicle. Defensive driving could make you less likely to get into an accident. Don’t forget that collisions may turn deadly under certain circumstances.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving commonly refers to behaviors behind the wheel that focus on safety. The decision to wear a seatbelt before pulling out onto the road is a small step toward safety that could have life-saving potential. Once the vehicle starts traveling on public roads, the driver may benefit from following further safety-conscious actions.

Anyone who drives too fast or commits other moving violations puts themselves and others at risk. Not everyone is a wantonly reckless driver, but many make mistakes that could get them into trouble. For example, not signaling before changing lanes creates dangers. Drivers who notice that they have other bad habits behind the wheel should work to correct them.

Other issues to worry about include distractions and road hazards. Persons who allow their eyes, hands and minds to become preoccupied with unimportant things like tapping a touchscreen to switch to a new music list could find themselves involved in a crash. Distracted driving makes it challenging to notice road hazards, including debris and stalled vehicles.

Staying safe

Brushing up on defensive driving skills might decrease your risk of experiencing any motor vehicle accidents. Even watching online videos about driver safety could have benefits. Those who have already experienced one or more near misses might find improving their defensive skills advisable.

Still, reckless drivers remain a deadly presence on California roads. Drivers should keep alert to any driver whose behavior appears dangerous or erratic. These drivers could cause a fatal accident if they hit another vehicle.

Persons hurt by negligent drivers should look at their available legal options. Filing a lawsuit could be unavoidable when a victim suffers severe harm and subsequent financial losses.