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Semi-trucks, negligence and accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks travel across California roads day and night. Sometimes, these routine trips end with a collision. In some instances, negligence causes crashes.

Truck accidents can cause fatalities

A collision with a semi-truck could lead to a catastrophic multi-car pile-up. Semi-trucks are massive vehicles, meaning they can inflict incredible damage. Each year, several thousand people lose their lives in accidents involving trucks.

Trucks come with inherent dangers due to their size. A semi-truck carries a heavy load and could top the scales at 80,000 pounds. A truck could destroy whatever it hits if such weight crashes into a smaller vehicle. Even if the truck driver tries to stop, tractor-trailers require more braking distance. Therefore the drivers must be more careful.

It is not enough for an accident victim to simply assert that someone was negligent. The victim must prove the defendant did something or failed to do something that caused the collision. For example, if the trucking company knew the brakes were in bad condition and continued to allow the truck’s use without repairing them, the company may be liable for any injuries suffered if the brakes failed.

After the accident, the police may uncover evidence of negligence at the scene. If the truck driver appears to be impaired, a breath test or blood draw may reinforce the officers’ suspicions.

Legal action after a truck collision

Motor vehicle accidents often lead to lawsuits, and semi-truck crashes can result in wrongful death lawsuits. The judgments against the liable parties can be significant when a victim dies after the accident.

If you have questions about a truck accident, contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law.