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Speeding poses a greater risk for motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Speeding poses a serious risk to drivers and passengers on California roadways. When drivers use excessive speed when operating their motor vehicles, the risk of accidents as well as traffic deaths and severe injuries escalates dramatically. While many people may find it tempting to go fast or feel frustrated in slow traffic, the consequences of speeding can be devastating.

Speeding reduces driver ability

When people drive too quickly, they have far less time to react in dangerous situations in order to protect themselves and others. Speeders may be unable to stop their cars if they encounter an emergency or another car accident ahead, leading to a cascading collision. Furthermore, the effects of a motor vehicle accident can be far more severe when the collision takes place at a higher speed. Road structures like guardrails and crash cushions provide fewer protections when speeding is involved, and the rate of impact may mean that injuries involve organ damage, broken bones and other serious damage as a result.

Speeding-involved collisions on the rise

In 2020, speeding was found to be involved in nearly one-third of all fatalities caused by vehicle collisions. Over 30 people each day were killed nationwide due to collisions that involved speeding. However, the rate of fatalities only tells part of the story. Most collisions that involve speeding do not lead to death, but the impact of lost wages, medical bills and permanent disabilities and life changes caused by the crash reaches many thousands more every year.

The number of collisions that involve speeding has been escalating after years of decline. It is important to note that speeding can contribute to an accident and therefore to a driver’s responsibility, even if another driver is more at fault for the crash. The effects of a motor vehicle crash can last a lifetime, and avoiding speeding can be an important way to reduce your risk on the roads.