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The Consequences of a Catastrophic Brain Injury

| Jul 1, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can quite often have permanent, life-changing consequences. Depending on the severity of the injury, a catastrophic brain injury can result in cognitive problems and even personality changes. Additionally, people who suffer a traumatic brain injury will usually undergo serious financial hardship and emotional distress. Inevitably, catastrophic brain injuries usually take a toll on entire families.

Common Causes of Brain Injury

Brain injury can occur in a variety of different ways. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a brain injury occurs when there is sudden trauma inflicted on the brain, which causes damage. A traumatic brain injury can result from a direct trauma, such as a blow to the head, or when a foreign object pierces the head and enters the brain tissue. Brain injuries can also occur as a result of indirect trauma, such as internal injury caused by oxygen deprivation. In some cases, the cause of the brain injury will be immediately apparent. In other cases, understanding how the injury occurred can be difficult to determine.

The following are common causes of traumatic brain injury: Automobile accidents, Auto defects, Dangerous products, Slip and fall accidents, Explosions, Toxic fumes or chemicals, Physical assault, Gun violence, Electrical accidents, Defective workplace machinery, Unsafe playgrounds, Medical malpractice, and/or Swimming pool accidents.

The Effects of Having a Traumatic Brain Injury

A majority of traumatic brain injury victims will require an extensive medical prognosis. As the most intricate part of the human body, identifying the extent or degree of a brain injury is very difficult. Also, it is not uncommon to have symptoms begin to appear until several days or weeks after the incident occurred.

With that being said, although traumatic brain injuries are regularly categorized as ranging from mild to severe, every single injury will have varying consequences. For this reason, even cases categorized as mild can result in intensive medical treatments and rehabilitation. In the most extreme cases, a person can require 24-hour medical treatment for the rest of his or her life.

In any given scenario, it is easy to conceive that traumatic brain injuries can result in staggering medical bills, ultimately wreaking havoc on the entire family’s finances. Moreover, caring for a victim is not only expensive, it also takes an emotional toll on everyone involved in the care of the victim. When a brain injury has been caused as a result of an accident caused by another’s actions, the victim and his or her family may be able to recover financial compensation.

Following a Traumatic Brain Injury, Obtain Professional Legal Counsel

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of another’s negligent actions, the State of California allows the opportunity to seek compensation from the liable party through the filing of a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims are time sensitive; act swiftly and consider seeking the support of a well-versed law firm.

The attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP are exceptionally qualified in the field of traumatic brain injury cases. The firm understands that many brain injuries continue to progress as time goes on. As a result, the firm is committed to helping those who have been injured as a result of another’s negligence fight for their right to a maximum amount of compensation. Consider contacting the Martinez & Schill, LLP law firm today.