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Injured in a Boat Accident? Here’s What You Should Know

| Dec 1, 2019 | Boat Accidents

Boating accidents can result in serious injuries that will likely require emergency medical treatment. While there are many factors that can contribute to a boat accident, a majority of accidents are caused as a result of the negligence of another. Negligent behaviors such as speeding, drunk driving, and inattention are some of the leading causes of boating accidents.

If you or someone you know was injured in a boating accident because of another’s negligence, there may be an opportunity to obtain financial restitution. By filing a personal injury claim, the negligent party that caused the accident can be held accountable for the reckless actions that led to the accident.

Different Types of Common Boating Accidents

In California, boating is a recreational activity that is done year-round and this is a major contributing factor in making California one of the top states with the highest rates of boating accidents in the country. Each year, many people either suffer a serious bodily injury or die as a result of a boating accident. Victims and their loved ones are left wondering how they will be able to cover the financial expenses associated with the injury.

The following are top boating accidents that occur as a result of another’s negligence:

  • Boating Accidents Associated With Driving Under the Influence – While drinking on a vessel is not illegal in the State of California, operating a vessel while intoxicated is. Across the nation, drunk driving is the leading cause of boating accidents. If your injury was caused because of another person’s decision to operate a boat while intoxicated, the negligent wrongdoer can be held accountable.
  • Accidents Caused By Excessive Speeding – Operating a boat at excessive speeds not only prevents the driver from maintaining control of the vessel, but it also further increases the likelihood that in the event of an accident, the collision will result in the death of a person.
  • Equipment Defects in the Vessel – A negligently manufactured part in the boat or a flawed boat design can result in the boat’s equipment malfunction. When a flawed part caused the accident that led to your injuries, you have a right to seek financial restitution.
  • Accident Caused by a Violation in a Boating Regulation – In California, there are very strict regulations that govern who is allowed to operate a boat vessel, where the boat can be operated, and how the vessel should be operated. Any violation in these regulations is not only unlawful, it can also cause serious bodily injuries.

Contact a Boat Accident Attorney to Learn How You Can Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured as a result of a boating accident in California, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your grievances. The path to a just settlement, however, is riddled with serious legal hurdles that are difficult to face without the legal support of a skilled personal injury attorney.

The personal injury attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP are highly skilled in boating accident cases. The firm is well-versed in the rules and regulations that govern boating incidents in the state. If you were injured in a boating accident, time is of the essence; contact proficient legal support as soon as possible.