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Protect Your Rights After You Have Been Injured While On Another’s Property – File a Premises Liability Lawsuit

| Oct 20, 2019 | Premises Liability

When you walk into/onto another’s property, you have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety from being injured. Unfortunately, there are many careless property owners and property caretakers that do not follow the reasonable standard of care and thereby cause unnecessary accidents. When a property owner or manager has failed to maintain a reasonably safe property for those visiting the premises, he or she may be held accountable for the injuries caused by their negligence.

In the State of California, if you have been injured while on another’s property, you may be eligible to obtain financial compensation for your injuries through a premises liability lawsuit.

Common Types of Bodily Injuries Caused By Dangerous Property Conditions

Any type of hazardous condition in a residential property or business can lead to a number of different accidents. Some of the most common accidents are slips, trips or falls. Although these accidents may not seem immediately dangerous, they do have the propensity to cause serious, life-threatening injuries. According to a 2016 CDC press release, falls are the leading cause of bodily injury and death among older Americans.

Slips, trips and falls are not usually caused by obvious dangerous conditions but other elements, such as insufficient lighting, could lead to the accident. Nonetheless, these accidents are attributed to the property owner or caretaker’s negligence and can cause serious injuries such as the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Torn muscles,
  • Broken bones,
  • Traumatic head injuries,
  • Lacerations,
  • Sprains,
  • Internal damage,
  • Bruising and scarring, or
  • Joint dislocations

Any of the aforementioned injuries can result in expensive medical treatments and other medical costs. Depending on the severity of the injury, the victim may need to pay thousands of dollars for urgent medical attention. Regrettably, many of these accidents also lead to a life-time of medical care, such as in-home treatments and physical therapy, which may cause serious financial burdens on the victim’s entire family.

Property Owner/ Manager Negligence in California

If a property owner or manager’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing another’s injury, the injured person may file a lawsuit against the negligent party for financial restitution. Upon a successful claim, the victim may be able to receive compensation for their hospital expenses and medical costs, loss of wages, and other damages. In the State of California, property owners need to maintain their property in order to ensure a reasonably safe premises. When a property owner that has ignored potential hazards or did not warn visitors of potential dangers, he or she may be found liable for any injuries caused by the negligence.

Consult an Experienced California Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability lawsuits are complex cases that demand the legal support of a knowledgeable and qualified attorney. If you or someone you know was injured while on another’s property, consider speaking to a skilled attorney who can represent the case.

The premises liability attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP have many years of dedicated experience assisting victims of negligence obtain the compensation they deserve. If you were injured while on another’s property, you may be able to obtain financial compensation; consult a skilled attorney as soon as possible.