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Personal Injury Cases Involving Lacerations and Scarring

| Jul 18, 2019 | Personal Injury

When a person sustains scars, it is usually the direct result of a serious injury. The outcome of a scar injury is not only physically painful, but it can often lead to a lifetime of distress and emotional anguish. When scarring and disfigurement occur, these are continuous and daily reminders of the horrific accident that caused the victim pain. In the State of California, people who have sustained scarring could be eligible to receive financial compensation for their grievances.

Causes of Injury

Serious lacerations that cause scarring in a person can be caused by a number of different types of accidents. For instance, a person is involved in a car accident, can suffer disfigurement resulting from the shattered glass or the explosion of airbags. Furthermore, when a person suffers a burn injury, these injuries can also cause scarring.

Other types of accidents that could cause scarring include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Botched surgeries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Assault

The Effects of Deep Lacerations and the Scars Left Behind

Some scars can be small, while others can take large parts of a person’s body. The following are consequences that could result from lacerations and scarring:

Psychological Trauma – When a person has sustained a deep laceration, any scars that have been left behind can cause the victim great distress and grief. Victims with deep lacerations and scars can suffer life-long pain and anguish. The psychological injuries can be agonizing as well, as victims could be embarrassed by visible injuries.

Diminished Quality of Life – Furthermore, victims can also undergo the loss of mobility in the area where the scarring occurred. On extreme cases, scarring can cause a person’s reduced quality of life. Individuals who had a very active lifestyle prior to the accident may be unable to do the same activities they were used to.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, contractures are scars that could affect a large area of a person’s skin. Because the scar can pull edges of a victim’s skin together, the victim can experience tightness around that area of the body. Ultimately, a decrease in skin can affect the victim’s joints, muscles, tendons, and lead to a decrease in bodily movement.

Costly Results – On a financial aspect, scars can be very costly. Medical treatment for a large wound is expensive and these types of wounds will likely result in long hospital stays. Additionally, victims can also require the need for physical and psychological therapy. Oftentimes, these medical treatments can run for very long periods but depending on each person, treatment could last a lifetime.

Finally, any type of disfigurement can easily result in a person’s inability to work and earn a living. Similar to an individual who can no longer carry out his or her active lifestyle prior to the accident, scars can cause a lack of bodily movement, which could affect a person who uses movement in his or her daily workforce.

Obtain the Legal Support of a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love was severely injured where the end result includes scarring, a qualified personal injury attorney can help. Although these injuries can have lifelong consequences, they are not always immediately recognizable. This could affect a victim’s ability to file a valid personal injury claim. Speaking to an attorney as soon as possible is vital in these types of cases.

The attorneys at Martinez & Schill have many years of dedicated experience in serving clients who have suffered scarring as a result of another’s carelessness. The firm is committed to representing clients obtain the compensation they deserve when their injuries were caused by another’s negligence. If you have sustained scarring after an accident, obtain legal support as soon as possible.