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School Bus Accident Law: An Urgent Call for Accident Prevention

| Jan 10, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has recently issued a press release urging drivers across the nation to practice extreme care and caution when approaching a school bus. Recently, five states have experienced serious tragedies involving school bus safety and student injury. It is important to remember that most States have specific laws about driving when in the presence of a school zone and or near or around school buses.

It is always a tragedy when a child who is in route to school suffers an injury due to the negligence of another party. When a parent drops a child off at his or her bus stop, the parent trusts that the student will make it to his or her school safely. Although school bus drivers in the State of California have the legal duty to practice safe driving, and are required to have additional training and certificates from the DMV, accidents can always occur.

If your child was injured or killed because of a school bus accident in the State of California, seek the legal expertise of a proficient team of attorneys. Injuries resulting from school bus accidents can lead to high medical expenses, among other costs. With the support of a qualified legal team, you may be able to recover from the financial burden. Claims filed for school bus injuries are time restricted in California; obtaining efficient legal support as soon as possible can help to provide successful results.

Common Types of Accidents and Potential Injuries Involved in School Bus Accidents

Even if school bus drivers and students practice due diligence in school bus safety, accidents can happen by many other means. The following is a short list of common scenarios that can result in student injury:

● A distracted driver who impacts a stopped bus due to distracted driving.

● A driver who speeds past a stopped school bus and fails to stop, thus injuring crossing students.

● A defective school bus that caused a multi-vehicle collision, which resulted in student injury.

● A school district that placed a bus stop in a hazardous location.

Like most vehicle-involved accidents, school bus accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. A student who is injured may experience any of the following injuries:

● Broken or fractured bones,

● Traumatic head injuries, which can result in lifelong cognitive injuries,

● Neck injuries or whiplash,

● Emotional trauma, or

● Death.

The Bottom Line: Obtain Expert Legal Support

Injuries resulting from school bus accidents can quickly result in high medical expenses as well as other financial burdens. In the event that a child is killed due to a school bus accident, the emotional pain and suffering can be even greater.

If you are a parent whose child has suffered an injury due to a school bus accident, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit. Filing a school bus accident lawsuit in California can be brought forth against a number of different parties that can be held liable for the injuries. Obtaining the legal support of a proficient team of attorneys can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve to help you and your loved ones recover.

The attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP., are dedicated to fighting for the rights of parents and students who have suffered as a result of school bus accidents. The firm is highly skilled in the field of school bus accident claims and will work diligently to fight for your rights. School bus accident claims are exceptionally time limiting; obtain the legal support of a qualified team of attorneys as soon as possible.