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Birth Trauma and Cerebral Palsy – What Parents Should Know

| Nov 2, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Giving birth is supposed to be a joyous and memorable experience. Sadly, there are many parents who have anything but a positive birth. Instead, their child suffers an injury during delivery – one that causes complications for the remainder of the child’s life. Cerebral palsy, an incurable condition that can cause poor coordination, weak or stiff muscles, and uncontrollable tremors is just one example. Learn more about the rights that you may have after such a tragic birth injury has occurred, and discover how an experienced attorney may be able to help.

How and Why Birth Injuries Occur

Birth injuries may occur for a variety of reasons, including sudden or unforeseen complications in the mother or infant. For example, there may have been undetected placental abnormalities, or the mother may have experienced a spike in her blood pressure that endangers the life of her baby. Though such events are not typically considered compensable, the family may still have legal rights to seek damages if there is also an element of negligence or poor medical care (such as not responding to the mother’s spike in blood pressure).

Birth injuries can also be solely due to medical negligence. For example, the doctor may have improperly used forceps or a vacuum on the infant, which could cause a birth injury like cerebral palsy. In these situations, the family has a right to pursue compensation. Sadly, though, the process can be both lengthy and complex. Because of this, victims are highly encouraged to seek legal assistance.

Seeking Compensation After a Birth Injury

Parents who have been victims of a birth injury often find themselves stressed and disadvantaged in the claims process – and not just because of the complex process. Families of injured infants are also dealing with grief and loss. Their child, who they had tremendous hopes and dreams for, is now permanently disabled. Because the child may also require extensive medical treatment, the family may be spending a lot of time at hospitals and doctors’ offices.

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