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Injuries Commonly Sustained in a Slip and Fall Accident

| Sep 29, 2017 | Slip And Fall

Of all the injuries that one may sustain in an accident, those pertaining to a slip, trip, or fall are the most likely to occur. In fact, statistics indicate that slips and falls are a leading cause of injury in America. Learn more about the types of injuries that one can sustain after a slip, trip, or fall, and discover how an experienced attorney can help you determine if you may be eligible for compensation for any losses that you or your loved one may have experienced.

Sprains and Strains

Because the body moves suddenly, and often at an odd angle when slipping, tripping, or falling, victims are at a high risk for sprains and strains. Though not typically permanent, sprain and strain injuries can have a lasting impact on the life of a victim. For example, a victim may be unable to work or perform their regular job duties, or they may incur medical expenses that they cannot pay because of the slip, trip, or fall. That can place them on a trajectory that places their financial stability at risk.

Broken Bones and Facial Fractures

Although broken bones are not exceptionally common in a slip, trip, and fall accidents, older adults do have an elevated risk of experiencing such injuries. That is because they often have less bone density than younger individuals, which makes their bones more brittle. Pelvic fractures are, by far, the most dangerous since they typically come with a host of post-injury complications. However, any broken bone can dramatically impact the life of a slip and fall victim. Ensure all aspects of your case are considered by seeking assistance from an attorney.

Head Injuries

Perhaps the most concerning type of injury that a victim can sustain in a slip, trip, or fall is a head injury. Potentially fatal for victims in any age group, this type of injury is the most common cause of death in slip and fall victims. Yet, even if a victim survives, they have a risk of long-term and potentially devastating complications. For example, one may experience lifelong deficits in their memory and concentration, which could hinder their ability to perform their job. The assistance of an experienced attorney is especially crucial in these severe injury cases.

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