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Distracted Driving Continues to Cause Accidents in California, Despite New Law Banning Cell Phone Use

| Aug 16, 2017 | Firm News

At the start of 2016, California passed a law that banned even holding a cell phone while behind the wheel. The aim was to hopefully cut back on the state’s distracted driving problem. Has it worked, or are drivers simply becoming more skilled at not getting caught? Unfortunately, there are a few studies suggest the latter. Learn more about the ineffectiveness of cell phone bans, and discover what you can do if you or someone you love is injured in a distracted driver accident.

Cell Phones May Not Be the Cause of Unsafe Driving

Cell phone use while driving has increased dramatically over the last several years, but does that mean cell phones are responsible for the dangerous driving behaviors? One study says no, and, instead, suggests that such drivers may already be unsafe behind the wheel.

A total of 108 drivers were questioned and tested in the study. First, they were asked about their cell phone use. Then, without a cell phone available, they drove a high-tech SUV down a 40-minute stretch of highway.

Upon reviewing the driving tests, researchers determined that drivers who reported “frequent” cell phone use behind the wheel were, overall, more aggressive drivers. They drove faster, changed lanes more frequently, spent more time in the left lane, used hard braking maneuvers, and performed rapid accelerations far more than drivers who reported “rare” cell phone use behind the wheel.

The verdict?

Cell phone users may already be inherently dangerous drivers; cell phones may simply give them yet another bad behavior to engage in while driving.

More Evidence to Suggest Cell Phones Are Not the Problem

While some data on traffic records indicate that accidents related to cell phones have decreased in California since the original cell phone ban (which only barred texts and calls), others have found exactly the opposite. Who is correct?

It depends on the kind of data you examine.

Fatalities may have decreased, a UC Berkley study found, but injury rates may have risen, a Rand-Colorado study says. Then there are factors like gas prices, weather, and economy that can affect how many people are on the road. Whatever way you decide to analyze it, one thing is clear: distracted driving, with or without cell phones, continues to be a serious issue in California. To remedy it, there needs to be more than a cell phone ban in place.

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