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Spinal Injuries Can Cause a Lifetime of Complications

| Jul 31, 2017 | Catastrophic Injuries

Statistics from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center indicate that there are approximately 17,000 new spinal injury cases per year. Many of them were the result of a serious accident, such as a motorcycle accident, car accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident. All of them are at risk for serious and life-long complications. Learn more about the challenges that spinal injury victims face, and how some might be eligible for compensation.

Immediate Consequences and Complications

Spinal injuries can range drastically in severity, going from a minor impairment that may limit the use of the lower extremities or cause a loss of sensation to those that leave the victim bedridden. Some may recover at least some of their motor skills or sensations. Others may never heal. Regardless, the immediate consequences and complications are often similar.

Victims are likely to need extensive medical care, which can result in costly medical bills. They may be unable to walk or care for themselves. Many must also endure the pain and frustration of physical therapy, and depression is extremely common, especially in the initial weeks and months after the accident. In addition, spinal injury victims may have an overall diminished life expectancy because of the long-term complications that may arise.

Long-Term Consequences and Complications

The long-term consequences and complications that spinal injury victims experience are often dependent upon the severity of their injury and the amount of healing they do or do not achieve. For example, individuals who suffer cervical spinal injuries may be bedridden for the rest of their lives, which can place them at risk for conditions like pneumonia, septicemia, and bed sores. Individuals who have only lost partial use of their lower extremities may, instead, be at risk for conditions like urinary tract infections and other diseases of the genitourinary system.

Re-hospitalization is common, even for those that seem to do well in the months after injury. Further, the victim may be unable to return to work, may require round-the-clock assistance, or may experience debilitating depression. These issues can drive up the costs that they experience from their injuries. Thankfully, situations involving negligence may be compensable.

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