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Car Crash Injuries Commonly Experienced by Infants and Children

| Mar 17, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although the injuries sustained in a car crash can be devastating for any victim, children are often at an increased risk for severe or fatal injuries. Understanding this risk, and the most common injuries can be crucial to their survival. This knowledge can also increase the chances that a parent receives the compensation they need to ensure their child receives quality care. Learn more about the injuries most commonly sustained by children in car accidents, and about where you can turn for help in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Crash-Related Injuries Among Children

Much like adults, children most often experience injuries to the head, neck, spine, and thoracic region. It should be noted, however, that these injuries are often more severe in children. For example, children may be more likely to experience a concussion than an adult because their brain is still developing. Further, this type of injury is far more liable to result in a fatality in children because their brains are especially prone to swelling. Thoracic injuries, such as broken ribs, and injuries to the spine also occur in children more frequently than in adults; this is due, in part, to their still developing bones.

Common Risk Factors Among Children

While parents may not be able to mitigate some of the risk factors for children (i.e. their age, developing bone and body structures, etc.), parents can take actionable steps to reduce the possibility of injury to their child. Basic car seat safety is the most crucial. This includes:

  • Using the appropriate car seat for the child’s age, size, and weight;

  • Ensuring the car seat is installed correctly;

  • Keeping children rear-facing (until at least two years of age);

  • Registering the car seat so that parents receive notification of recalls; and

  • Checking recall lists to avoid any missed recalls.

Studies also suggest that children often fare better after an accident if seen at a pediatric urgent care unit, rather than an adult or general emergency treatment center. As such, parents may want to seek out a local pediatric unit if their child is involved in a crash. If one is not available, it is still crucial to ensure your child sees a healthcare professional immediately after the accident. Some injuries can be difficult to detect, and others may present with delayed symptoms. Having your child seen for possible injuries, early on, can increase the chances of receiving full and fair compensation.

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