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Burn Injuries and Car Crashes – What You Should Know

| Feb 24, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Crashes that result in fire can cause severe injury to victims. In fact, nearly 16,000 people suffer car crash burn injuries each year. Approximately 300 of those victims experience injuries that are so severe, they ultimately lead to fatality. Another 6 percent experience moderate to severe burn injuries, and about 75 percent suffer second- or third-degree burns on over 90 percent of their bodies. If it has happened to you or someone you love, the following information can help you understand the treatment, potential risks, and rights of vehicle accident burn injury victims.

Most Common Burn Injuries in Crashes

Almost everyone has suffered a first-degree burn, which results in dry skin, redness, and pain. Many others have also experienced second-degree burns, which can cause redness, swelling, and blistering. Yet most only experience these two types of burns over a small portion of their body. For car crash burn injury victims, the damage is often extensive, covering large areas of the body. First-degree burns in these situations are rare. Instead, the most common burn injuries are second-degree burns and third-degree burns (damages all layers of the skin and fat tissue). Fourth-degree burns are also possible (includes damage to the skin, muscles, tendons, and/or bones) in car crashes, but are rarely survived.

Treatment for Vehicle Crash Burn Injuries

Because the burn injuries are often severe and cover large areas of the body, car crash burn injury victims are often admitted to a hospital for treatment. They are also likely to have a multidisciplinary treatment team, which can include everything from infection control doctors to therapists and rehabilitation specialists. Much of their early healing is focused on keeping the body hydrated (burned skin has a hard time retaining fluids) and fighting against the risk of infection. As time goes on and the body starts to heal, skin grafts and other types of reconstructive surgery may be incorporated into the treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the burns, and their location, the victim may also need to go through physical therapy to learn how to use injured areas of their body.

Understanding the Rights of Victims

Victims who are burned by a vehicle fire are often at risk for financial troubles. They may be unable to work, and the treatments they need are expensive and painful. A personal injury claim can help mitigate the risks, but victims are at risk for unfair treatment, devaluation of their claims, lengthy delays, and even outright denials that can result in additional emotional and financial stress. As such, it is recommended that victims seek experienced assistance while going through the insurance claim process.

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