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New Law in The State of California Explicitly Prohibits Use of Cellphones While Driving

| Jan 20, 2017 | Firm News

Although distracted driving comes in many forms (i.e. texting, putting on makeup, or just checking out the scenery), it is the use of cellphones that is responsible for the sharp and significant increase of distracted driving accidents. This remains true, despite the numerous campaigns, warnings, and applications meant to reduce the use of cellphones behind the wheel. Now California is taking a heavy-handed approach to combat the problem. The use of a cellular phone is now explicitly prohibited throughout the entire state.

No Phones, No Exceptions

While many states have implemented laws on the use of cellphones while driving, most only prohibit texting. The new law in California prohibits all use of cellphones while behind the wheel. This means you cannot hold the phone and speak while driving. You cannot text or access your social applications. You cannot even use your mapping or navigational applications. Instead, you must set and program your phone to either work over your car’s bluetooth or some other hands-free device. Furthermore, your phone will need to be programmed and set for your next location if you happen to use it for navigational purposes.

What the New Law Means for Victims of Accidents

The new law might deter some from using their cell phones while driving, but prohibiting them may not stop everyone. There are out-of-state drivers who may come through, those that have little to no regard for the laws, and even some who may simply forget toward the beginning of the law’s implementation. Regardless of their reasons, the new law can be used against these negligent drivers if and when they cause an accident. Unfortunately, not all victims know this, nor do all know that cellphone use is not always investigated. To ensure this investigation is done, and to increase the chances that you or your loved one will receive full and fair compensation for your injuries, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for assistance.

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