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Examining the Different Types of Car Crashes and the Injuries You May Receive

| Jan 6, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that nearly three million car crashes occur each year. Each accident, though unique, often shares similarities with other accidents. To improve the understanding of these common factors, and how they tend to impact victims, researchers at Monash University’s Accident Research Center in Melbourne recently examined a sampling of road crashes throughout Australia. The following provides further details on what they learned and why it matters.

Examining the Most Common Types of Car Crashes

According to the researchers, almost half of all accidents involved one vehicle crashing into another. The next biggest category of crashes was those in which a single vehicle hit an immovable object, such as a pole or a wall. Rear-end crashes, side-on crashes (t-bone), head-on crashes, and crashes where a vehicle ran off the road, either through a straight stretch or along a curve, were the most common crash situations.

A Breakdown of the Most Common Injuries

Of all the injuries experienced in crashes, those to the chest and trunk area were the most common, happening to about two-thirds of all victims. About 39 percent of all victims experienced a head injury. Approximately half of each type of injury was severe. However, the most severe injuries were typically experienced by victims who were involved in a multiple impact crash (one or more classification of crash), and those that were in rollover accidents (which were less common than other types of crashes). Injuries to the limbs were also extremely common, particularly in front-on and side-impact crashes. Rear-end crashes most often resulted in whiplash and injuries to the head, neck, chest, and spine.

Similarities in Crash Causes

While there were many reasons that crash occurred, a large majority were caused when drivers were distracted, overly tired, or driving too fast. Tailgating was also a common issue in crashes, particularly rear-end crashes. In other words, the majority of crashes were due to the negligence of a driver. In such instances, victims may be owed compensation for any losses they experienced, including lost time at work, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Losses

While victims do have the right to pursue a fair settlement for any damages they experience, the process is often messy and complex. To make matters worse, insurance companies are known for doing all that they can to reduce their payout. This can include everything from shifting blame over to the victim to minimizing the impact of the crash itself, possibly to the point of making it seem as though the victim did not suffer as badly as they claim.

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