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San Diego Could Reduce Pedestrian Deaths if Safety Was Made a Priority

| Oct 3, 2016 | Firm News

In the past 15 years, San Diego has seen a total of 270 pedestrians deaths. Auditors, who recently analyzed information on these tragedies, and the actions that have been taken to combat them, found that a lack of traffic law enforcement and improvement failures were contributing factors. They say that the city could reduce the risk to its most vulnerable road users if they made it a priority.

Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in San Diego

On a national level, San Diego’s pedestrian death rate (1.79 deaths per 100,000 population) is tied with Los Angeles. Both fall in 10th place for large cities across the nation. If that was not concerning enough, San Diego’s toll is rising. In the deadliest time period since 2001, a total of 66 pedestrians lost their lives between 2013 and 2015. Their deaths outnumbered those of all other road users during that time.

Enforcement Problems and Poor Planning

In a 116-page report, auditors outlined some of the reasons that pedestrian deaths have spiraled out of control. A lack of traffic law enforcement and poor planning when making updates to crosswalks and traffic signals were found to be some of the biggest contributing factors. In particular, they stressed the concern that, when updating intersections, the city failed to use real data to determine where pedestrian deaths were most likely. So, instead, the placement was ineffective and did not actually promote additional safety for pedestrians or other road users.

There were 18 other specific recommendations made to the city, including a call for the use of historical data to make proposed changes, improved training, greater awareness of the dangers that pedestrians face, and updated traffic signals in areas that actually matter. The city’s Transportation and Storm Water Department agreed to take note of those recommendations and plans to incorporate them over the next five years. Hopefully, they really do make pedestrian safety a priority. Enough victims have lost their lives already.

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