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Smartphones and Distracted Driving: Study Reveals the Apps Most Commonly Used While Driving

| Jun 13, 2016 | Firm News

Distracted driving is far from a new issue, but whereas safety experts used to encourage drivers to avoid distracting conversations with passengers and eating behind the wheel, today’s conversations surround the use of a cell phone. First, it was simply talking on the phone. Next, texting became a major problem. Then the game changed entirely.

Smartphone apps, such as social media and email, became easily accessible to almost every driver. The effect has been devastating and, in some cases, deadly. Sadly, getting people to understand the dangers has proven to be difficult. In hopes of finding a better way to deliver the message, a recent study examined cell phone use behind the wheel to better understand which applications are being used most often by drivers.

More Than Half of All Drivers Using Smartphone Apps While Behind the Wheel

Conducted by AT&T, the research revealed that seven out of ten drivers use their smartphones behind the wheel. Text and email, used by 61 percent of drivers, remain the most commonly used applications. However, the survey revealed that these were far from the only applications being used. Four out of 10 of users admitted to using social media apps, such as Facebook (27 percent), Twitter (14 percent), Instagram (14 percent), and Snapchat (11 percent), while behind the wheel. Three out of 10 said they had used the Internet (28 percent). One out of 10 used video chat while driving (10 percent). Additionally, 17 percent admitted to snapping selfies, and 12 percent admitted to shooting videos.

Smartphone Apps Being Implicated in Auto Accidents

The study revealed a great deal about why distracted driving has become such a common issue, but this phenomenon has also been implicated in a number of lawsuits and personal injury cases. Snapchat is among the most recent to receive heat, thanks to an in-app filter that lets users display the speed they are going at the time they take a selfie. But the drivers are not the only ones to blame. App developers refused to remove the speed filter, even after the app caused a string of accidents overseas.

Suspect of  Distracted Driving in Your Auto Accident Case?

Despite the commonality of smartphone use while driving, police sometimes still do not investigate whether or not a cell phone was in use at the time of an accident. As a result, innocent victims who negotiate settlements on their own may not have all the information needed to prove that the other driver was at fault, which can result in a lower payout from insurance companies. In contrast, those who seek the assistance of a skilled attorney have the resources needed to ensure that all facts are presented in a case. This can greatly improve a victim’s chances of receiving fair and just compensation for their injuries.

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Study: 7 out of 10 people use smartphone while driving