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San Diego Public Transportation and Car Accidents

| Jun 24, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While public transportation can be an invaluable resource for getting from point A to point B, and are often relatively safe, the public transit accidents that do occur can have severe consequences for all involved. For some, the result may be an injury that can lead to time away from work and medical bills. Still, others may experience a complete upheaval of their life, either because of a severe injury or the loss of a loved one. In all of these instances, it is critical that victims and their families know where to turn.

Accidents with Buses and Trolleys

Considered common carriers under federal law, public transportation providers, such as buses and trolleys in the San Diego area, are held to a higher standard of liability. This means that they must take the utmost care to ensure their passengers, motorist, pedestrians, and bicyclists are not harmed. Even the slightest bit of negligence could make them responsible for damages and losses experienced by victims. However, the pursuit of such damages is far from easy. The law, in and of itself, is rather complex. Federal regulation makes matters even more difficult. As such, victims should always turn to an experienced public transportation accident attorney for help.

Accidents with Trains and Other Forms of Public Transportation

Although they are usually a safe means of travel, accidents with trains and other large transit vehicles can be especially devastating for victims. Outweighed and outmuscled, motorists are especially at risk for severe injury and death. And, though trains are held to the same regulations as buses and trolleys, the compensation that may be secured can never make things right. This does not nullify the importance of such compensation, but it does make it even more critical that victims and their families seek skilled assistance with their public transit auto accident case.

A Personal Injury Accident Law Firm You Can Count On

When major accidents occur, you need an attorney who is willing to go the extra mile, one who will carefully examine every detail of your case to ensure that all factors are considered. At Martinez & Schill LLP, we take those extra measures and then work diligently to build you a strong case against any and all negligent parties. Committed to helping you achieve the best outcome possible, we aggressively advocate for you and your loved ones, in and out of court, to ensure your rights and best interest are protected. To learn more, schedule your free initial consultation with our skilled San Diego car accident attorneys. Call us at 619-512-5995 today.



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