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Truck Accidents vs. Car Collisions: 3 Distinctions

| Apr 18, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 700 large truck fatalities and another 25,000 injuries resulting from large truck accidents in 2012.  Collisions involving large trucks can often be traumatic causing personal injuries, vehicle damage, and other accident-related costs that can last far beyond the time of the initial collision. Although every accident is different, collisions involving commercial trucks are significantly different from car accidents. The differences between truck accidents and car accidents can differ in terms of financial liability, the injuries sustained in the truck accident as well as the driver’s experience and responsibility.

1. Financial Liability

In a standard car accident situation, the drivers are required to exchange their personal information and insurance information so that a claim can be processed.  In trucking accidents, the truck driver can be held liable, but the trucking company can also be held liable for a truck accident.  Trucking carriers often maintain traffic reports, logbooks, and equipment checks which should all be analyzed for important information.  If a trucking carrier company does not follow federal regulations should be held responsible when a truck accident causes serious injury or wrongful death.

2. Personal Injuries

In 2012, approximately 2.36 million people suffered injuries resulting from traffic accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and another 33,782 resulted in fatalities.  Personal injuries are common after an accident and can range from concussions, broken bones and neck and back pain.  A San Diego truck accident often results in more significant injuries as trucks are much larger and tend to cause more damage.

3. Driver Experience and Responsibility

All persons who drive a motor vehicle must abide by the traffic safety laws the California Vehicle Code.  However, truckers are also required to abide the regulations for commercial truck drivers which are more extensive and are specific to driver experience, as well as limiting the number amount of hours they can drive.  For example, truck drivers are only permitted to drive 70 hours per week and must accurately log their truck driving time.

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