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2014 Recalls Aimed at Infant Products

| Apr 18, 2016 | Firm News

Every year, hundreds and even thousands of consumer products are recalled due to safety concerns. These products fall under a wide variety of categories, from automotive parts and products to kitchen goods, household accessories, pet toys and products, and children’s products.

It can be alarming to find out that a product you have given to your child has been recalled because it poses a potential safety hazard to its users–you always put your child’s health and safety first and would never dream of giving him or her anything that could be unsafe. Before you allow this fear to drive you to get rid of everything your child owns, read the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s list of all consumer products recalled this year. You can find information about all of this year’s recalls along with records going back to 1999 on this website.

Child and Infant Product Recalls of 2014

Approximately 100 different child and infant products have been recalled in 2014 since the beginning of the year. Various websites maintain detailed records of recalled infant and child products so parents can keep their children safe.

This year, six infants have died while using the Nap Nanny, a soft recliner that creates a comfortable, body-contoured place for an infant to sleep. These deaths came in addition to hundreds of other infant injuries and deaths due to unsafe and ineffective products. Other products, such as the harness buckle on various models of Graco car seats, have not been linked to any injuries or deaths but have been found to be potentially defective and recalled as a precautionary measure.

As a parent, knowledge of current recalls is your best weapon against an accident involving your child. The Dream On Me Dinah high chair is another product that was recalled this year due to its potential injury and death risks. Although no injuries have been reported in conjunction with this high chair, experts have deemed its side and leg openings to be large enough for a child’s body to slip through and catch at his or her neck, posing the risk of hanging and strangulation. Dream On Me, Inc., the high chair’s manufacturer, is offering a free replacement seat cover to all owners of the defective model in exchange for photographic proof that the chair’s original dangerous cover has been destroyed.

One of the best ways to protect your family from potentially hazardous products is to sign up for email alerts from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. When you sign up, you will receive an email alert every time a new product recall is announced along with the steps you need to take with the product to either return it or receive a refund.

What to Do If Your Child is Injured By a Defective Product

Usually, a defective product’s manufacturer will make information available on the internet for owners of the product to read and take steps to relieve their issue, either by returning the product or altering it to remove its hazardous part. If your child has suffered from an injury and you want to file a personal injury claim, do not return the product to its manufacturer or dispose of it. You will need proof that you own the product to make the claim that it injured your child.

If your child has been injured by any type of toy, piece of furniture, article of clothing or other product meant for children that has been recalled, seek medical attention immediately. Even if your child’s injuries seem minor, a doctor or other qualified medical professional can ascertain the seriousness of his or her injury and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Once you have decided to file a claim for your child’s injury, contact a product liability attorney. Product liability is a subset of personal injury law and covers topics regarding a manufacturer’s liability for the injuries that its products cause to their users. Take the following steps with the product:

  • Keep the product away from your child.
  • Do not send the product back to its manufacturer or dispose of it in any way. You will need the product for your claim.
  • Document your child’s injury and how the product caused it. If the recall was due to lead found in the product, have your child’s blood tests for lead levels. Talk to your healthcare provider about this type of test and how to have it done.

An average of 88 babies die every year from injuries caused by infant products. Do not allow your child to become part of this statistic.

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