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Construction Accident Leaves Worker Trapped in Concrete Pipe Riverside County

| Nov 21, 2014 | Firm News

Earlier this month, a construction worker was trapped in an underground concrete pipe in Beaumont, Riverside County.  Emergency crews spent over two hours trying to rescue the worker that was trapped underground. According to the spokeswoman from the Riverside County Fire Department, the trapped person was a construction worker who was doing some sort of work in the underground pipe.  It wasn’t known exactly how the worker became stuck nearly five feet underground.   Emergency crews had to go underground to pull the construction worker to safety.   The man was ultimately removed from the underground pipe and taken to the local emergency room with moderate injuries.

Construction sites and construction activities are inherently dangerous and people often get hurt when they least expect it.  Commonly, workers’ compensation through the employer is the injured person’s only recourse. However, occasionally a third party is at least partially at fault for a construction accident.   For example, a product manufacturer could be responsible if a power tool malfunctions, or another subcontractor working on the project could also be at fault.

California has some of the strictest workplace safety laws and regulations in the country. Employers and property owners are required to take every reasonable step to safeguard their employees working on construction sites. Despite these penalties imposed by law, construction accidents in Riverside County and Southern California still happen.

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