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Tractor Trailer Crash Results in Injury on San Diego Highway 94

| Oct 7, 2014 | Firm News

A multiple-vehicle crash on Highway 94 in San Diego involving a tractor trailer, a motorcycle and several other vehicles occurred shortly after 7:00 am on Tuesday.  This accident sent a person to a hospital and prompted authorities to close two lanes.

San Diego New 8 reports: one of the vehicles struck the back of the big rig, which struck a motorcyclist, California Highway Patrol officials said. The person who reported the crash told the California Highway Patrol the truck’s driver was not initially aware he hit the motorcycle.

Car accidents involving a tractor trailer or semi truck striking a motorcycle can result in the most serious injuries simply due to the drastic difference in size between a tractor trailer and motorcycle.

Additionally, tractor trailer accidents are often complicated as there are many parties that may bear liability for serious injuries caused to another driver on the road such as: 1) the driver of the tractor trailer; 2) the owner of the cab and/or truck; or 3) manufacturer of the tractor trailer or component parts that may have failed.

Here initial reports from the scene was that the truck driver was not aware he hit the motorcyclist.  This could indicate the driver was not taking due care in operating a commercial vehicle.  However, this case may be more complicated due to the fact there were multiple vehicles involved, i.e. another car could have caused the tractor trailer to lose control and caused it to crash in to the motorcyclist.

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